Tennis Dress

Introducing our new Tennis Dress, designed with attention to detail to help you play like a pro.  Made from high-quality polyester fabrics, this dress is specially designed to provide a tighter fit for maximum comfort and performance.  The dress also features mesh panels to keep you cool during intense matches.  With its sleek design and performance-enhancing feature our tennis dress is the perfect addition to your tennis wardrobe.  Customize the dress with your team’s logo and colors for a personalized look that will make you stand out on the court.      

Women’s and Kids fit.

Fabric: Made from high-quality, breathable fabric for maximum comfort.

Fit: Offers a relaxed fit ensuring ease of movement.  

Compare your own garment size to ours. You can do this by measuring the ½ chest of your garment (laid flat, measured 1cm below the sleeve join; from side
seam to side seam) and compare it to ours. Please refer to the individual garment measurements, shown below to determine your garment to garment size

Measuring tips

• We can accommodate additional sizes, please enquire.
• Sizing chart should be used as a guide only.
• Measurements may vary depending on design of garment.
• Sizing sets can be provided.

Click Below to view the size chart 

KGNZ145 – Tennis Dress


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