James Hargest College Hoodie Multi


Please note that delivery will be made to the school the Friday of the week
following receipt of your order. We are unable to deliver to individual addresses.

Information to enter: 

In the ‘Player/Student Name’ field :
Please write the full name of the student (and the student’s room number) so we know what student the garment is for.

In the ‘Nickname’ Field :
Please enter the name to print on the back of your hoodie.
The school guidelines stipulate that the names to print must be your Surname ONLY. NO initials, nicknames or first names.

In the ‘Other’ Field :
Please type either ‘Junior’ or ‘Senior’ campus.


Sizing sets are available at the School

For any enquires please contact:

Junior Campus:   Bridget Smith

Senior Campus: Ange Potter

Student / Player Name:
Name to Print

Please note

Please note these are forward orders and bulk delivery will be made to the school.

For any queries, please contact:

Junior School  Maree Smith

Senior School  Di Newton